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All-state was amazing.

2009-01-16 23:41:13 by Vexorian

This year I was priviliged to perform w/ the florida all-state symphonic band

The director this year was the world-renown composer Frank Ticheli

There we played is new unpublished work "Angels in the Architechure"

And damn that has to be the most amazing piece EVER!!!

When I get the recording of the concert I'll upload that piece so that all of you can hear and be blown away.

It's just Clock Day.... It only happens once every year.... Let them have their fun and then it will be all over with in the next twenty-four hours. However, my only gripe would be that I can't find which flashes to watch that actually might contain quality work :/

Oh, and in other news. Since school is comming back I'll be able to start composing music again. And if you ask why not now, it is because I don't have any good programs that put out a quality playback. But, the school does :D, (and it's free). So I'll be looking forward to putting out pieces of my own work. And I was dissapointed that I couldn't particapate in the July MAC... But I'll be there for the Augest MAC... Other than the August MAC I'm looking to compose a Trumpet Concerto. Since I hate them so much I thought it would be a good idea to make one myself :D.

Ok bye.... HAPPY CLOCK DAY!!!

Some people honestly need to settle down.

About 90% of my Audio Entries.

2008-05-29 21:56:14 by Vexorian

I know that about 90% of them are not of my actual work... Which I know might bother some people who actually have all of their work posted... But let me explain... I really enjoy music. So since I enjoy it I really also enjoy sharing it. When I do make post that are not my work I ensure that they are disclaimed from me and credited to the true composers. Also, just so you know I REALLY do not care about scores... Since they are not mine I'm just more interested in sharing them not really how they rank in the chain.

So that's about all.



2007-11-27 22:20:11 by Vexorian

Hi, I'm Kyle

I'm on newgrounds a lot but I'm not devoted enough to make my own flashes or really even keep up with my account.

so bascially I'm never on.

Music is my passion and so is writing movie scripts (hopefully directing them soon)

I have a short movie on about one movie I intend on producing. 7j7I ( (Its based off a book) so thus it isn't really my writing)

Heres a pic of a cover.