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Some people honestly need to settle down.

2008-08-15 14:09:23 by Vexorian

It's just Clock Day.... It only happens once every year.... Let them have their fun and then it will be all over with in the next twenty-four hours. However, my only gripe would be that I can't find which flashes to watch that actually might contain quality work :/

Oh, and in other news. Since school is comming back I'll be able to start composing music again. And if you ask why not now, it is because I don't have any good programs that put out a quality playback. But, the school does :D, (and it's free). So I'll be looking forward to putting out pieces of my own work. And I was dissapointed that I couldn't particapate in the July MAC... But I'll be there for the Augest MAC... Other than the August MAC I'm looking to compose a Trumpet Concerto. Since I hate them so much I thought it would be a good idea to make one myself :D.

Ok bye.... HAPPY CLOCK DAY!!!

Some people honestly need to settle down.


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